Former Rabbi convert to Islam from Sabta, Morocco: Abdul Haqq Al-Islami

God, with His wisdom in what He destines and plans, has shown to me since 16 years the truth that no sane person would doubt, the only ones doubting it are those associated with falsehood, which is: To believe in our lord and Prophet Muhammad –pbuh- and to follow him with regards to all of the law.

And it was of His wisdom that he destined that I would hide it and keep it and not announce it and show it until God guided me and inspired me: that this amount is not sufficient and it would not save me, rather what is incumbent on me is: to announce His oneness, and to utter my glorifying of Him and exalting Him, and to announce (my) belief in His Messenger Muhammad –pbuh-.

So I hurried to that which would save me from the painful punishment, that which would get me closer to the gardens of delight. Thus announcing the words of monotheism and uttering my glorifying and exalting I said: “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship save Allah alone with no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.”

Then, thanks to God, all of my family and children have become Muslims because of me and all of those who were close to me whom God destined to be pleased. All of that is but a Mercy from God that has reached us, and a blessing that is general and conclusive, and a kindness that led his servants to His path of guidance, we could not truly have been led aright if Allah had not guided us to this.

Praise is to His, so is the creation and orders, in His hand is the good and bad, the beneficial and the harmful, He sends who He will astray and guides whom He will, He will not be questioned as to that which He does, but they will be questioned.

And when God, the Most High, destined that which he bestowed on me of Islam, and to enter the religion of the best of His creation –pbuh-, some of the students in the city of Sabta (a coastal city in northern Morocco, named for the obligation of keeping the Sabbath (Arabic: Sabt) by the Jews) – may God honour them and protect her-, suggested that I write a treatise showing the situation of the Jews –may Allah curse them- with regards to misguidance and awful disbelief, and the horrible ascribing (of partners), and that which they believe in which are pure lies: to deny the prophet-hood of our lord and master Muhammad –pbuh-, and it will be, God willing, an effacer of their creed, a quencher of their principles.

I have sought assistance from God, the Most High none is worthy of worship but He, with regards to that which (they) suggested to me. I am also seeking to get closer to God, the most High, using bright proofs and sharp judgments that proves the corruption of their brains, and announces how daring they are, and how rude they are in what they say.

I have limited myself to that which is mentioned in their books, of which they cannot deny, nor dispute in any way, so that it would be overcoming to them, and greater in being a proof against them, and that which is more relevant in use as a proof. I have made the Hebrew texts from the Torah – according to them – or from other books of theirs and authorships written in red, and the explanation is in black ink according the exegesis of their decreed scholars.

I seek refuge in God for reporting their disbelief and the ugliness of their thoughts. I have made it short and simple without prolonging. I named it my book “ Al-Husam Al-mamdood fee Al-rad Ala Al-Yahood”.

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