The Bee

Allah, the Creater of the Universe, Allah has not begotten nor is begotten, the Knower and Watcher of All.

Let's look at the Bee.

{Qur'an 16:68} "And your Lord inspired the Bee, build your dwellings in hills, on trees, and in (human's) habitations."

The imperative "build" above is the translation of the Arabic word "attakhithi", which is feminine form (Arabic unlike English, differentiates between the sexes). The feminine form is used when all of those it refers to are female, whereas the masculine is used when a group consists of at least 1 male. Therefore the Koran is in fact saying "build, you female bees.." A swarm of bees (which collect honey and build the hive), are female only. Thus, the phrasing of this command is in agreement with the Fact that male bees do not partake in the construction of the hive.    

Bee colleting pollen  

Microscopes were not invented until 1610, Galileo invented one of the first microscopes almost a thousand years after illiterate shepherd Prophet Muhammad.  

Bee colleting pollen  

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