I am Jewish and converting to Islam, not bacause Judaism is similair to Judaism but because Islam is the Rational choice. I wanted to baleive the Torah is true and like most Jews i tried to block out reality, thinking if i ignore the Quranic revelation it would go away and the fact the Quran mentions facts like, the expansion of the universe occurs, the universe was formed with a big bang and the planets by the contraction of early gases.

    I pretended it didnt matter that my religion was, to be honest little more than a collage of fragments of cooked up false albeit well meaning ideas, Adam you objectively look at Judaism and Islam, not as a Jew but as am intellectual, bacause Islam is the Rational and intellectual choice. I still hold prejudices that Muslims are uncultured compared to sophisticated Jews and that it would be grea to live in Israel. But Islam is the truth, Ha Emet.

    The reasom most Frum or orthadox Jews dont become Muslim is because of ignorance, prejudice and an active desire to disbeleive in Islam, if it wasnt for the scientific proof in the Quran and hadith, i would have quite happily dismissed it as a pale imitation of Judaism, i gain a great sattisfaction thinking i am from HaShems 1 chosen nation and that i am better than the rest of the world and especially the Ishamaelites but the truth is Our God set up his final prophet as an Arab. now it took me a long time to accept that God gave the final prophet hood to an Ishamelite but as i am objective i had to swallow my pride and accept it.

    I miss Judaism sooooo much, waering my Tzit Tzit and my Yarmulka, spending countless hours studying the amazing and fascinating parables, stories and teachings of the Talmud, maimonides, Baal haturim, Kli yaakov, Rashi and the other insightfull torah commentators, but on outside evaluation i know that although i truly loved these books there foundation was not on Gods true word.

    Jews everywhere need an objective re-evaluation of the Tanakh and the Quran forgeting racism and prejudice and i think the results will be pleasing.


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