Muhammad in the Gospel

Islam And Ahmadiyat Announced By Angels
"Eudokia" Means "Ahmadiyeh" [Luke ii. 14]
John The Baptist Announces A Powerful Prophet
The Prophet Foretold By The Baptist Was Certainly Prophet Muhammad - John The Baptist Foretold Prophet Muhammad
The Baptism Of John And Jesus Only A Type Of Religious Marking "Sibghatullah"
The "Sibghatullah," Or The Baptism With The Holy Spirit And With Fire
The "Paraclete" Is Not The Holy Spirit
"Periqlytos" Means "Ahmad"
"The Son Of Man," Who Is He?
By The Apocalyptical "Son Of Man," Prophet Muhammad Is Intended
The Son Of Man According To The Jewish Apocalypses
Successor to Christ, part 1
Successor to Christ, part 2
Successor to Christ, part 3
The Prophet Of Arabia As Spoken Of In The Bible "The Burden Upon Arabia" Isaiah xxi. 13
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