Can God see us ?

I thank Allah for blocking the humanizing theories attached to God in the current Gospel.


while discussing the crucifixion of Jesus with a Priest, he went on and on about how Jesus intended to be put on the cross.


Muslim reply:  why then did Jesus cry out to God "why did you forsake me?"


Priest reply: this is when God _turned away_ from Jesus because Jesus was filled with the sin of the world and God could not _bear_ to look.


Muslim reply: [Mouth wide open in astonishment]  How Can You say God could Not See ?  God Created this Earth and the Entire Universe and Can see All the Sin Combined in All of Them.


Conclusion of this discussion, don't let the Christians humanize God or limit God's Power, they will when every they get the chance, especially to try to explain a un-Godly instance in the Bible to a Muslim.


Be on your toes.




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